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  • Masheng, my crowned Japanese Queen, lingers with me in sait white of snow. proxy working strangely last afternoon. so launched to refine new blogger blogs and google sites. ema came over to send me living expense of ¥300 after work time. i then ...
    Posted Apr 2, 2010, 1:18 AM by Benz rad
  • God lets me no private. 25/2/2010 God lets me no private.^read news via wap later than 11pm. some residential returned to dorm later than 10:30pm, &sang loud. likely they r different ...
    Posted Feb 25, 2010, 12:29 AM by Benz rad
  • joice&pains, all our happy lunar new year of 2010 its again a bright morning. i visit office directly after got up. God seemingly put too much turns around me upon my request of my 3rd wife, my girl zhou ...
    Posted Feb 18, 2010, 5:35 PM by Benz rad
  • New year on new horizon.bleeding with hope and missing. So many hopes of family and new family upon the new year of 2010. i will see my new marriage in the beginning of 2010, while baby son got his ...
    Posted Jan 9, 2010, 9:21 PM by Benz rad
  • road toward glorious reunite From Family&folks ∑ hometown journey benzrad, me, in hometown journey, on front yard of his passed dad's house. family entertained in a nearby river soon after reunited. baby ...
    Posted Sep 17, 2009, 12:39 AM by Benz rad
  • meaningful life under burden nearly a month passed since my return. i had great time with my baby son, warren zhu, hope of China and God of universe. my office Internet connection was rid ...
    Posted Aug 14, 2009, 12:39 AM by Benz rad
  • dad's rage From long tail of hard landing ∑ hometown journeya childhood pal, now hostile to me.From long tail of hard landing ∑ hometown journeybefriended villagers.From long tail of hard ...
    Posted Jul 15, 2009, 10:14 PM by Benz rad
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朱子卓 - QQ校友 
benzillar, 鸠昱隆嘉 | netease 
riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊 | netease 
benzyrnill, set to fly | Myspace 
zhuson | blogger 
dajiuzh——朱大九走向世界 at blogger 
zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼 | home town's blog at blogger.com 
zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼 | livejournal 
dajiuzh——朱大九走向世界 | livejournal 
zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼 | wordpress 
dajiuzh——朱大九走向世界 | wordpress 
my bookmarks at diigo.com 
warozhu | Diigo 
my clips&bookmarks at clipmarks.com 
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my bookmarks at stumbleupon.com 
warranzh | amplify 
zhus | Amplify 
zhus | amplify 
benzrad | Amplify 
riveryog | amplify 
emagarten | amplify 
warozhu.com, 帝之战和 | Amplify 
benzillar | Amplify 
emyark, 一夕花开,缤纷两帝 | Amplify 
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China Democracy | wordpress 
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my hometown zhudajiu status | hellotxt 
zhudajiu | Posterous 
my profile at Hexun.com 
warranzh | genwi 
benzillar | facebook 
benzillar | Posterous 
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imakeit | Cocomment 
zhuson | Cocomment 
be21zh | Cocomment 
benzyrnill | Cocomment 
China Democracy | Cocomment 
zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼 | Cocomment 
emagarten | Cocomment 
beinzh | Cocomment 
warrantzh | Cocomment 
emake | Cocomment 
warwinzh | Cocomment 
faezrland | Cocomment 
dajiuzh——朱大九走向世界 | Cocomment 
warranzh | Cocomment 
wardzh | Cocomment 
oneizh | Cocomment 
emagarten | Diigo Group 
dajiuzh——朱大九走向世界 | Diigo Group 
benzyrnill | Diigo Group 
China Democracy | Diigo Group 
IIDChina╋我帝中华 | Diigo 
warranzh | Diigo Group 
warozhu.com, 帝之战和 | Diigo 
warwinzh | Diigo Group 
wardzh | Diigo Group 
be21zh | Diigo Group 
warrantzh | Diigo Group 
zhuson | Diigo 
faezrland | Diigo Group 
emagarten, dream that flies | Facebook 
warranzh, China under fire-baptism | Facebook  
dajiuzh——朱大九走向世界 | Facebook 
wardzh, treat China in its longest nightmare | Facebook 
birdous, angels at homeland | Facebook 
be21zh, bring China abreast 21 Century with democracy | Facebook 
warwinzh, save China from fire-baptism | Facebook 
IIDChina╋我帝中华 | Facebook 
faezrland,our fatherland under angels' feather | Facebook 
warozhu.com, 帝之战和 | Facebook 
birdus, 天下羽帝 | Facebook 
zhuson | Facebook 
warrantzh, arm China to warrant the world | Facebook 
IIDChina╋我帝中华 | Facebook 
benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly... | Facebook 
warwinzh, save China from war fire-baptism | Flickr 
warrantzh, arms China to safeguard the world | Flickr 
beinzh, burning Chinese in destructive nation | Flickr 
dajiuzh——朱大九走向世界 | Flickr 
birdous, angels at homeland | Flickr 
China Democracy | Flickr 
warranzh, China under war fire-baptism | Flickr 
zhuson | Flickr 
faezrland, fatherland under angels' feather | Flickr 
warozhu.com, 帝之战和 | Flickr Group 
zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼 | Flickr 
be21zh, bring China abreast 21Century | Flickr 
emagarten, dream to fly | Flickr 
wardzh, treat China in its longest nightmare | Flickr 
benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly | Flickr 
birdus, bird rocks sky | Flickr 
Google group - Philosophy in Nankai Unv.南开大学哲学系 
Google group - warwinzh, save China from fire-baptism 
Google group - warrantzh®铠甲中国 
Google group - emake®英语教学 
Google group - wardzh, treat China in its longest nightmare 
Google Group - zhuson 
Google group - benzyrnill, set to fly 
Google group - emagarten®艾玛英语园地 
Google group - zhudajiu朱大九与大背山和后背山 
Google group - beinzh, burning people in destructive nation 
Google group - China Democracy  
Google group - warranZh®战火中国 
Google group - be21zh.org, bring China abreast 21 Century 
Google group - faezrland, fatherland under angels' feather 
Google group - wuxue湖北武穴市 
Google group - huanggao黄冈中学 
IIDChina╋我帝中华 | Hexun 
zhuson | Icq 
China Democracy - icq groups 
warrantzh - icq groups 
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honorable sites&pages

China Democracy Cause on Facebook  
China Democracy Cause on myspace  
democratic China in change.org on Facebook  
dajiuzh——朱大九走向世界 | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/zhudajiu 
IIDChina╋我帝中华 | Facebook IIDChina╋我帝中华 | warozhu.com 
wozon, 祖是战火 | Facebook wozon, 祖是战火 | Facebook 
birdus, bird rocks sky | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/birdus 
be21zh, bring China abreast 21 Century with democracy | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/be21zh 
warwinzh, save China from fire-baptism | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/warwinzh 
birdous, angels at homeland | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/birdous 
warranzh, China under fire-baptism | Facebook  http://link.be21zh.org/warranzh 
faezrland, fatherland under angels' feather | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/faezrland 
IIDChina╋我帝中华 | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/iidchina 
wozonow, 祖是战火 | Facebook wozonow, 祖是战火 | Facebook 
benzyrnill, set to fly | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/benzyrnill 
wardzh, treat China in its longest nightmare | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/wardzh 
emagarten, dream that flies | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/emagarten 
warozhu.com, 帝之战和 | Facebook warozhu.com, 帝之战和 | warozhu.com 
warrantzh, arm China to warrant the world | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/warrantzh 
zhuson, unites US and China under God's shine | Facebook http://link.be21zh.org/zhuson 
benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly... | Google App benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly... | be21zh.org 
faezrland, fatherland under angels' feather | Google App faezrland, fatherland under angels' feather | be21zh.org 
China Democracy | Google App China Democracy | be21zh.org 
zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼 | Google App zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼 | be21zh.org 
be21zh, bring China abreat 21 Century | Google App be21zh, bring China abreat 21 Century | be21zh.org 
wezhus | appspot  
birdwe | appspot bird | be21zh.org 
egomake | appspot  
bornifly | appspot  
wz0one | appspot  
blief21zh | appspot belief | be21zh.org 
faezrd | appspot id | be21zh.org 
emogarten | appspot  
zhusone | appspot zhusone | be21zh.org 
zhueus | appspot zhueus | be21zh.org 
womake | appspot  
app21zh | appspot forum | be21zh.org 
zhusmake | appspot make | be21zh.org 
wartorncn | appspot  
by21zh | appspot by21zh | be21zh.org 
usmake | appspot  
br21zh | appspot  
zhdajiu | appspot zhus | be21zh.org 
dadyog | appspot dad | be21zh.org 
bizyod | appspot biz | be21zh.org 
zhmake | appspot zh | be21zh.org 
live21zh | appspot  
warizeu | appspot warizeu | be21zh.org 
in21zh | appspot in | be21zh.org 
birdivfly | appspot  
god9op | appspot god | be21zh.org 
zhieus | appspot resume | be21zh.org 
blis21zh | appspot bliss | be21zh.org 
dabboq | appspot  
warrzh | appspot  
bq21zh | appspot guestbook | be21zh.org 
birdivily | appspot  
igomake | appspot  
wz-one | appspot wzone | be21zh.org 
warozh | appspot  
zhweone | appspot  
warmake | appspot  
corifly | appspot  
wzinus | appspot sonus | be21zh.org 
life21zh | appspot life | be21zh.org 
warrenzhus | appspot http://warrenzhus.be21zh.org 
dadgog | appspot  
zhweus | appspot  
bli21zh | appspot  
warzeu | appspot  
yetzone | appspot  
zoneyes | appspot yes | be21zh.org 
corefy | appspot  
wartorcn | appspot  
emigarten | appspot  
China Democracy - a knol by ben zhu  
war in world and China - a knol by warren zhu  
bright, the history and long life of Ming Dynasty - a knol by be21zh org  
warwinzh, save China from war fire-baptism - a knol by warren zhu  
warozhu, 主之战和 | Google wiki | warozhu.com 
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honorable chatrooms

warranzh | Tinychat 
warranzh at google lively 
warrantzh, arms China to safeguard the world 
be21zh.org | Tinychat 
zhudaji朱大九——龙泉之眼 | Tinychat 
warwinzh | EtherPad 
warwinzh | Tinychat 
be21zh, bring China abreast 21 Century 
beinzh at google lively 
warwinzh at google lively 
emagarten | Tinychat 
benzrad | EtherPad 
zhuson | EtherPad 
warrantzh | EtherPad 
China Democracy at google lively 
warrenzh native chatroom 
emark | EtherPad 
emakingir | EtherPad 
emagarten, dream to fly 
warranzh collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
be21zh at google lively 
emakingir at google lively 
emakingir collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
emagarten at google lively 
faezrland | EtherPad 
warrantzh collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
warrantzh at google lively 
benzrad | Tinychat 
wardzh | EtherPad 
benzillar at google lively 
faezrland | Tinychat 
dabbog at google lively 
warwinzh, save China from fire-baptism 
benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly 
warranzh, China under war fire-baptism 
benzillar | Tinychat 
emakeit | EtherPad 
benzyrnill at google lively 
faezrland at google lively 
zhuson collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
zhudajiu collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
zhuson | Meebo Chatroom 
be21zh collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
China Democracy | Tinychat 
wardzh, treat China in its longest nightmare 
benzillar | EtherPad 
birdous | Tinychat 
benzyrnill | EtherPad 
warranzh native chatroom 
warrenzh | EtherPad 
warrenzh at google lively 
warrenzh collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
benzrynill | Tinychat 
benzillar collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
Zhudajiu at google lively 
be21zh | EtherPad 
emagarten | EtherPad 
emake | EtherPad 
warranzh | EtherPad 
wardzh at google lively 
emakingir native chatroom 
emagarten collaborative sketchpad at skrb 
dajiuzh | EtherPad 
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